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Not Your Average Summer Mocktails

My friends, it’s finally time. The weather is warming up and it’s time to start planning your first outdoor party, summer soiree or backyard barbeque. HAHA....can you tell we wrote this BEFORE the Rona came to town? Although we're social distancing, it’s still time to create those oh so sweet summer memories. Let’s make this one a summer to remember. ❤ No summer is complete without a cool and refreshing beverage, after all, North Carolina summers are 3 words: sticky icky icky. So why not have a little fun with our beverages? We love that mocktails can be enjoyed by everyone on your "social distancing guest list" and we’ve curated the list below with different preferences in mind. To summer 2020…cheers! 🍹

1. For your health-conscious friends. (or your social media obsessed friends…because these drinks are oh-so instagrammable)

Admit it…the drink is beautiful. And as it turns out, it’s just as healthy as it is pretty. Trust us, your health-conscious friends will love you for this. Technically a mocktail? Maybe not…but we couldn’t resist.

We’re envisioning a beautiful display table for guests to build their own beverage. What an easy way to create an experience. That’s what YardWow! Is all about you know. Check it out!

2. For your science-loving friends. (or anyone fascinated by magic tricks which is…uhmmm…everyone?)

This beverage will delight everyone. Not even the scrooge himself could resist the joy of experiencing this edible magic. You read that right…magic. As in, this mocktail changes color right before your eyes. What fun! While perfect for themed events and children, we think this unexpected twist can bring out the child in guests of all ages. You already know what we love best about this recipe…we’re creating an experience, my friends. 🤗

3. For your friends obsessed with all things spicy. (or who loves the classic Mexican flavor of chamoy…yummmm)

We know them and we love them. The people who can’t get enough hot sauce, who orders extra wasabi with their sushi and who can bite into a raw jalapeno. OK, well this beverage isn’t quite that spicy but it will certainly satisfy your guests who aren’t afraid of a little heat. Featuring classic Mexican spices, this mocktail is the best of both worlds – sweet and savory. Enjoy!

4. For your friend who loves the islands. (or anyone who appreciates a refreshing coconut 🥥)

You know it and you love it, the classic flavor of summer, the Pina Colada. The joy of sipping on this fan favorite cannot be overstated. Trust us, your guests will not leave disappointed if you serve them this frozen treat. This mocktail recipe might even be better than the traditional version. Try it out and let us know!

5. For your friend who is hard to shop for. (A classic beverage that anyone will love.)

Sometimes, you want options with mass appeal. Options that cater to virtually everyone but still have a little flair. We’ve got you covered. This blackberry limeade recipe is for you. Pro tip- use frozen blackberries for ease and substitute with club soda for a bit of fizz. BOOM. Perfect summer catch-all beverage. You’re going to love it. Well, they’re all going to love it. Thank us later. 😉

How did you like these recipes? Let us know! And be sure to share your YardWow! display ideas...we are always looking for inspiration. We can’t wait to hear from you. :) Happy celebrating, friends! 🎉❤

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